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My Story

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Originally from the Great Pacific Northwest, I've been fortunate enough to be able to spend my life on both sides of the globe. Whether I'm hiking in the cascades and searching for the perfect shot of Mt. Rainier, or watching the sun fade over the Atlantic from my second home of Portugal, adventure is never far away for me.

To me, my idea of a perfect day begins with a cup of hot coffee by the shore on a crisp fall morning with fog rolling all around me. I live for sunrises and watching the world come to life, no matter where on Earth I am. The places that I've lived, and the cities that I've visited, all experience temperamental weather, giving me the chance to capture nature in a wide variety of states with a seemingly endless array of colors on full display. 

Each photo is a labor of love that I have for the world around me. To me, they are reminders to look around and experience what surrounds us. The reason I do photography is not to wander Earth aimlessly searching for the most brilliant sunrise or sunset. The reason I take photographs is to experience the world outside, in all settings and environments, and remind myself that these astounding colors and incredible textures exist in all places. All we have to do is open our eyes to them.

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